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Thanks for the advice Joel. You're right. I think the fuel filter has not been replaced for a long time. It certainly has not been replaced since I have had the car (about 1 year).I'll schedule it in during my next service.

I read another thread about the someone experiencing a similar problem and they replaced the Throttle Position Switch. This morning, I had a look at mine and it was covered in thick oily deposits. I cleaned the unit and the small roller this morning with WD40 and just came back from a test drive. The engine is responding a lot smoother and it didn't cut out no matter how hard I tried.

So...Kodiak, I don't know if this has cured my problem, but I don't think there is any harm in taking a look at the Throttle Position Microswitch.

I'll monitor the progress and post an update after a few days.


190E 2.3, 1988
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