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Unhappy Rear suspension, good news and bad news

I was changing a rear link and the sway bar link trying to get rid of a clunking noise coming from the rear suspension.
The good news is, I think I found the noise cause. The bad news is, it is the outer bushing of the rear control arm, the one that connects the rear control arm to the wheel carrier. The rubber around it is falling apart.
Since I was not expecting this, my question is most likely for the pros.
Do I need a new wheel carrier or can the bushing be replaced by itself?
If the latter applies. Does the wheel carrier to come off either way or can it be done on the vehicle with a MB special tool?
I think this one looks that is going to my mechanic but I want to be aware of the proper procedure so I can brace myself for some $$ damage...
'86 300E
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