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Not sure if you two were trying to be sarcastic but I'll answer with a straight face anyway...

Originally Posted by JimmyL
So, BR, what is the point of your post? Do you need the affirmation that you were correct?
41mpg will be very nice I'm sure, but it will still be a Camry....
Point of my post was to inform people of what is going on. Just like other people post diesel-related news/articles here all the time. That's all. Nothing else.

Originally Posted by mbzkid
Those Toyota diesels really put into prespective the poor fuel economy of MB diesels.
They do? I know a guy whose 190D consistently gets between 38 and 40 mpg. Pretty close to that of the Toyota and even more impressive when you consider that the 190D weighs 1000 pounds more than the Toyota.
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