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260E has sparks but will not start

I have a 1987 260E which has developed a strange problem. It starts fine in the morning, drives normally till I reach the office, a 30 mile drive. If I try to start it after 45 minutes, the first crank will start but the car will stop right away, the second crank will start fine. If I try to start it after about 4 hours, it will not start (note that it again starts fine the next morning, in just one crank). I checked the output of the coil and there is spark everytime the starter cranks, this spark is similar to the one that occurs when the car starts cold. Inspite of the spark, the car does not start so it looks like a fuel problem. Another thing that happens is there is smell of fuel coming from my a/c vents if I continue to crank and try to start. Note that there is no gas smell once the car runs (e.g. in the morning). I have a new fuel pump, new starter, new rotor, new distributor, new fuel relay, new integrity relay. Once the car starts, it runs great.

On a seperate issue, my condenser fan does not come on, I have tested the fan, it works just fine, what could be the problem ?

I dont know if the starting problem is related to another problem I am having, my ABS light ocassionally comes on, after making some vibrations on my brake pedel. As far as I can tell, the ABS light coming on and car not starting have no correlation. I have seen the messages mentioning OVP relay, but I cannot understand how a relay failure can cause the gas smell, my guess is these two problems are independant, if I change the OVP relay, my ABS problem will goaway but the starting problem will stay perhaps because it is fuel related.

If anyone has any suggestions, please advice.
Saumil S. Patel
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