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1982 300cd ills

Just acquired this 167k car; repaint, redone interior (covers, pads, springs; tex), very nice engine compartment, runs fine. But....

a) no dash lights at all when lights are on at night. This includes the console; nothing...nada;
b) tach is intermittent; off mostly but pops on once in a while;
c) interior light (switch on roof near rear view mirror) only works in rear position. Opening either door does NOT turn an interior light on.
d) car hardly hits 80 c..more like 70 c most of the time. Car runs fine..heater works ok..thermostat?

We just had a major service done to the car (inc transmission service); mechanic gave the car a clean bill of health. The lights we just noted tonight and I'd forgotten to mention the temp issue to him; perhaps he should have made note of that issue since the car was to have been completely gone through by him.

Comments? So far we have, including the major service and other stuff (like all new bilsteins, new airbox, motor mounts, about 6100 into the car. Seems a good far.

The steering is also loose; appears to be steering box. Car steers dead as an arrow except for that slightly greater than an inch free play in the center. What's the cost of a new steering box and the complexity of installation?

That's it for now; I am sure there will be more coming as we get to know and love this car. We like it more than the much quicker Lexus SC300 five speed; 'nuff said.


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