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First let me say that Iím sorry to hear about the failure of the warranty to cover the sun roof. This is the first time Iíve read of something not covered, by the Starmark program other than light bulbs and radios. On my former Starmark 300TE 4-matic they were generous on the repairs. I found the Starmark program extraordinary.

Second I agree with Ėfad, to quote: If one can forge a good solid relationship with the advisors and techs and have your machine well cared for, it makes the pricing and busy scheduling more palatable.

I would even take it further and say, it makes the pricing and scheduling well worth it. BTW, on the topic of scheduling, if you bring yer car in with a problem, they will almost always deal with it immediately. If you call and schedule, they will deal with it conveniently (to them)

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