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'91 190E 2.3 wheel bearing endplay

Looking for front end looseness, I noticed more slop in the left front wheel bearing than the right. I tried to adjust it out using the Haynes method, which is ' should just feel the freeplay when moving the rotor axially by hand' or ' can rotate the backing washer smoothly with minimal force using one finger'. Either way, I can feel freeplay still when shaking at 12 and 6, as much as I had before. If I adjust so it is stiff to turn the washer using 2 fingers, I remove the freeplay when I shake it.

What is the preferred non-gauge method for adjusting this, and am I needlessly concerned about removing the freeplay? The car has about 90k miles, and there is some vibration on some freeway surfaces. I am tackling the problem by eliminating the non-wheel/tire possibilities first. Thanks.

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