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Thanks for help.

Appreciate your help Southern Son. Looks like quite an apparatus in the picture. Where were you putting that engine? Looks like a good one to stuff into a 190!!!

As to my project, my motor is currently remounted. I was able to return motor to proper position from where it was (pushed 2 1/2 inches toward rear) with jack and persuasion so I believe remounting after oil pan replacement should not be a problem. I am also considering using jackstands on the mounts at the temporary higher position for taking out oil pan instead of wooden blocks.

Big question remains however, and that is how much higher than normal does motor need to be, to slip oil pan out for replacement?
(How many additional inches of clearance above crossmember is needed? (Although I could just measure thick part of pan, I don't know how much any internals hang below pan/block level that would need to be taken into account).

The reason this is a concern is that as I will be using oil pan on jack to lift motor, once it is supported and I loosen oil pan there will be no way to lift motor any higher without reinstalling oil pan and jacking up again.

If any one has done this and remembers how much engine was raised or any other helpful information, it would be much appreciated as this is the last thing needed (other than trans, coolant and oil refills) before test run with car.

Thanks for help.
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