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Thanks for the reply. Looking at the work involved in doing all the guides,this may be more than i would like to tackel. This motor has a lot of guides. Is the drivers side chain guide the one that sits between the two cams on the left bank? Is it worth changing the chain guides that sit between the camshafts on each head or is there another guide that normally breaks. One that would send that piece of plastc under a chain gear.Book time on all guides is 24 hours ,so you can see why i am loking for a easier way
I know that any part could break after a lot of miles, but i am looking to change only the part that has the potential to bend the valves and is a normal high wear item. Hope this makes sense.
Of corse rolling in a chain at the same time.
These questions are because i did all the guides on my M104 motor and found the guide in the crankcase to be like new. Old part looked like the new,almost better quality than the new.These were mercedes parts also.Had that cover off for a leak as that chain does last almost forever on the 104.Hope i did not loose you
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