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1994 E500 ASR problem

Brought vehicle in for 30K service 3/23/01. Shortly after, the ASR was inoperable on cold start. Turned engine off and restarted and the ASR was functional. After 4 months of casual use, the ASR would not function under any conditions and the "CHECK ENGINE" light engaged. Returned vehicle to dealer and was charged $150.00 to read the error codes from the ASR control module.(I am in the wrong business!^) I was informed by the commissioned Service Advisor that it would require 6 hours of ASE Master Tech time plus parts. - I hastily departed for vacation.

I called the dealer and demanded the parts replacement names and numbers. The S/A informed me that the ASR gave 3 error codes.

1.) Replace the Idle Speed Actuator (appx $41.00 part)

If problem still persisted:

2.) Replace the Throttle Control Switch (appx. $590.00 part.)

If problem still persisted:

3.) Replace the Control Module (appx $2200.00 part [ouch]

After two weeks vaca, returned to non-dealer Mercedes/Porsche tech for peek-they took off air cleaner cover to look at assys and said they could replace in those sequences but, without interface computer to read factory codes, it would be a crap shoot. They reassembled the air cleaner, I started the car and the ASR was functioning. It functioned flawless for the remainder of the day. After the vehicle cooled down, the problem returned.

Symptoms while inop is snow chain switch is inop, the cruise control is inop and the vehicle does not shift smoothly.

Any input is GR8tly appreciated, TIA

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