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Exclamation Took Mine Off...

Depending upon the ones you get, you may be better off without them. The ones on my car were fine with me until I had to descend a steep grade one day, and I smelled that smelly smell of hot brakes!

I had reason to remove them shortly thereafter as part of an inspection I decided to do, and found that most of the "cooling" fins or openings in these cheap-a**, rinky-dink thin-lookin' sheet metal jokes were closed, and not cooling. I also discovered that the sheet metal was so thin that I could "adjust" it by hand with no tools. Not a confidence builder...

Oh, and then there's aligning the holes of the rotor, wheel and the "Kleen Wheels" if you have to change a tire on a dark road at night by yourself. I will guarantee that they will at best end up in the trunk, and under stressful conditions, in a ditch.

The quality was on a par with a TV dinner tray (well, nearly), and I decided to remove them at that point to allow better cooling. But I have the 16 hole wheels. Remember: Hot brakes = brake fade = no brakes... Also, brake cooling is so critical that several manufacturers have built their rotors with a double wall construction that incorporates a series of cooling fins cast right into the center of the rotors between the two braking surfaces on each one...
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