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I just last week replaced the trailing arm that this bushing is in on my 240D. To install a new one you are going to have to remove the trailing arm because the bushing is pressed into place. It is just about impossible to remove it and replace it while the trailing arm is still on the car. I am pretty sure that Fast lane will have this part.

I had given a friend of mine some instructions based on how I accomplished this task. Maybe this will help you also. The method below does not require you to open up the rear end casing.

> > Prep: Raise the entire back end of the car and either put jack stands or
> > my case cinder blocks and landscaping ties under the car on both sides ,
> > just in front of the rear suspension bolt plates. Make sure the car is
> > on these stands.
> > Step one: Pull the wheel,axle bolt and the emergency Brake cable,you
> > have to pull the brake lining also to do this.
> > Step Two: Disconnect the sway bar link.
> > Step Three: Position floor jack under hub and jack up so you can unbolt
> > remove the shock absorber.
> > Step Four: Lower the jack under the hub and remove the spring from its
> > cradle.
> > Step Five: Unbolt the trailing Arm from the mounts. Remove the outer
> > first. Put blocks or something under the trailing arm so it does not
> > down on the floor to quick. Once you have the bolts out you can just
> > the hub away from the axle.
> > Installation is the reverse of this outline.
You will have to add the last step of taking the trailing arm to someone who has a press to install the new bushing.
> > I hope this helps
> > Joe Brigman
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