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Interesting. I have a 98 202 (C class) that was experiencing some high speed steering vagueness, and it turned out to be a combination of loose front end bearings, worn steering damper, and incorrect alignment. My dealer was kind enough to share the factory spec sheet, which calls for an axial endplay of .01-.02 mm. This is 4 to 8 ten thousandths, which is a pretty small measurement. I have a dial indicator, and set it correctly, but I noticed that this measurement is arrived at if you tighten the nut with light finger pressure. When set correctly, you can just barely get motion when rocking the wheel installed. and I can;t feel anything from the rotor if I try to wiggle the rotor with the rotor on, but the wheel off. Light finger pressure seems to work. And as said, if these are pre-loaded, they will overheat and fail.
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