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Thanks Jim and Steve for shedding some light on this ASR problem!

Steve? You said that the throttle actuator is a known problem in the 400/500E series. The 500E/E500 is basically the same engine that was in the 500SL(Porsche changed the fuel injectors). I have several friends with that vehicle and they have yet to experience this problem.

Can you tell me where the Throttle Actuator is on the engine?

If this is a known problem, has MB acknowledged same or recalled the vehicle for replacement of the part?


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OBTW - Funny anecdote - The Herb Chambers Service Advisor and I had a heated battle in the Sales Room of the Dealership over the 2 hour charge to read the code and an $8.00 Environmental Charge. He told me that the vehicle was in this "Limp Mode" and should not be driven. I asked him to please retrieve my vehicle from the Service Bay and let me limp home on my own. I sat in the vehicle to wait for the operating temperature to be attained - lowered the window and told the S/A to open the outer bay door. I put the transmission into B-1, rolled slowly till I cleared the doors and then slapped the accelerator with the steering wheel in left/locked position and completed 1 full donut around the S/A. I stopped and told him that if this is what he calls "Limp Mode", pity the poor soul that pisses me off when it is working properly. I thought he was bullchitting me until I saw the use of the term here on the Forum.
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