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Mercedes-Benz, amongst all brands of vehicles, have the peculiar tendency of developing annoying malfunctions that, suddenly, fix themselves after a while. Or better yet, after a short but unlawful high speed blast at the highway.

Brake rattles, suspension noises, engine misfires, electrical gremlims, etc, etc, etc. I have experienced everything through my 18-years of ownership of M.B. cars and most of them fixed themselves after a high speed run.

Even the official M.B. dealer here recommends sometimes to try the high-speed "miracle healer".

My only guess on the subject would be that since all M.B.s have been designed to be driven at constant high speeds at autobahns in Germany, that is there home turf. If you tend to drive them at town or "normal" highway speeds constantly, they resent you and start to develop a weird behavior.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting to brake the law and exceed your local speed limits! Try the solution at your local race track, supervised by a proffesional driver and with all the proper insurance forms signed.

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