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Hello fad!

I am the 2nd owner(purchased 9/00 with 26K on clock) and there is 32,200 currently on the clock.

I suspect that there is/was some kind of problem with this engine configuration as the parts man at Clair Int'l asked me the same question knowing that it was over the original warranty period. This is the 4th Benz that I have owned since 1985 so if it turns out to be all 3 components, I will contact MBNA and ask to meet with a Warranty Rep. The parts man told me to find a salvaged 500 SL for the Control Module but that the junk yard would prolly not part out the throttle switch.

I am looking for an independent in the Gr8er Boston area that is a recent defector from an MB dealership. The one that I go to for brakes and oil changes has been out of a Benz Dealer for over 12 years now. When I asked if he at least had the 124-036 CD, he wanted to know which song was it that I thought he had not heard;^)

I too am hoping some tech (s) respond. I don't mind paying to get my toy fixed. I just don't want to arbitrarily start changing expensive parts only to find out it was a loose wire at the battery in the trunk or a pinched vacuum hose. I suspect that it may be something simple as just removing and replacing the air filter housing seemed to solve the problem untill the car cooled down. I loathe these types of problems as it seems that the only solution is a trial and error replacement of parts that once you open the box, you own them even if you don't need them.

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