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Very Happy!

Well, I just finished my first tank of diesel and am, so far, well pleased with my W126. I netted 28 mpg mostly commuting to work, which is not highway!

I've discovered, unfortunately, that my tires need to be replaced. Ticks me off. The edges look great, which is honestly all I really looked at when I test drove it, but the centers are flat wore out - driven overinflated, I reckon. They're Dunlops with only 16k on them.

I'm also gonna have to rework the brakes. She pulls to the left firmly when I brake, sometimes worse than others, sometimes hardly at all.

Everything else on the car works like it's meant to. The tranny shifts just as I've read it should, the engine runs like a top, the AC is cold and the temp is constant, the antenna works, the sunroof and all the windows are smooth and quick ... it's awesome.

I'm getting new tires this week (205/65 on my 15" rims to help correct the speedo that's @5 mph slow - but my odometer seems to be spot on) and will then look into the brakes. Y'all have any recommendations on brake parts - where to buy, etc.?
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