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Broken rad neck:Nissen/Behr/temp fix >tradein?

Finally,the dreaded broken rad neck plastic happened to me.1.5cm rim came off when I removed upper hose to check leak.
This and no air cond.make me think about trading in for a new car.
Fastlane has two choices for rad,Nissens and Behr,one the Nissens is cheaper,any advice on choosing between the two?Are they both metal core now esp the neck?

My intended temp fix will be:
I bought a piece of rad hose ,the outer diam fits the inner diam of the neck very well,flush.Put inside neck.Use U-fix-it radiator tank repair kit(epoxy+fibre glass) to reapir outside of neck.Will report on progress,to see how many days this hold.I live in Canada and will have to wait for a longer period for a mail order rad.

Any advice will be welcome!Dealer rad=500 C$

Tom 2010 C250 4-matic Sport (Canada)
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