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Thank you Steve!

I believe that you have pinpointed my problem and it appears that I may be able to repair it myself. As soon as I can get a W124-036 CD and get a visual on the parts.

I have seen the Throttle Actuator a/k/a Throttle Switch a/k/a Throttle Valve. Valve would be a more appropriate as the parts listed by the Tech who read the error codes indicated a gasket had to be replaced if the "Throttle Switch" was replaced.

As you said, it sits in the middle of the "V" and looks like the mouth of a 4 Barrel Webber Carb. There is a small round black(circumference of a half-dollar and appx. 1.5 " deep) plastic device to the right of the Valve body with lead(s) running back to the ASR Module. As I recall, Pots are finicky little devils and prolly the reason the MB Inganeers crapcanned the system and went to a new config in the 95 and up models.

I suspect that the first part recommended by the tech who read the codes is that potentiometer ($41.00) part and no gasket required. He referenced it as an "Idle Speed Actuator".

When my local Foreign Repair Guys looked at the vehicle last Saturday, they fiddled with the Valve and unplugged/re-plugged the wire into the little round plastic doohicky. Since it was the only thing that they touched and the car ran flawlessly until it cooled down again, methinks I have pinpointed the culprit. I will eliminate the loose wire/corroded connection possibility and if that does not work, replace the pot.

Thanks for your input. I did most of the maintenance work on my 380 and 560 SLs but most of the "stuff" under the hood of this behemouth looks like parts of the Warp Drive of a Klingon War Bird.


PS: Could you point me to the "Ritter/Easley list" so that I can read that discussion mydamnself.
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