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Definately brakes

I got new shoes on the beast yesterday and, while the wheels were off, was able to give a cursory inspection to the brakes. The rears are fine. Front, however, needs a brake job. Very little pad left.

My second tank of diesel netted 28.4 mpg. I love it!

The new tires are awesome smooth and quiet. I put 205/65 on my 15" rims, which did correct my speedometer. According to my GPS, I'm no more than 2mph off at any given time.

I also got a bottle of liquid shoe polish in Navy Marine that re-dyed my blue leather seats perfectly. I coated the seats, heavily where it needed it, let it dry, then wiped/buffed them down with a conditioner, which smoothed it all out and removed any excess. I am thorougly impressed with the results. I wish I'd taken before and after pix. I figure for $3 per bottle, I can do this on a somewhat regular basis and keep those seats looking good.
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