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I went thru the whole evaluation thing on this model a few months back, and had a couple of dealerships looking for one for me (I wound up buying my my brothers 98 C230, 20k miles, but that is a different story.) I decided when I was looking for the 400E/E420 w124 cars to only look for a 94 or 95. My reasoning was:
  • wiring harness problems on the early 400s
  • brake caliper problems on the earliest models
  • AC already converted to R134a on the later models
  • better headlights on the later models
  • fewer 'first model year' problems
  • chance for a starmark warranty
  • longer life span for airbags ($$$) before replacement
  • less wear and tear on the paint, rubber, etc, and lower mileage (probably).

That said, I believe the 92 was a little more powerful and lighter weight than the later ones. I posted a question something like 'best year 400E a year or so ago, and there were a fair number of opinions: "Best" year for a W124 400E

Try searching for 400E or E420 as well for more info. I believe it is also featured under the "cars" tab at the top of the page.

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