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Originally posted by ncarter
For a few grand (and some shopping around) you can get a pretty nice 300D. Go for the 81-85 model years; those came with a turbocharger. As far as I know, the general consensus is that 1984 was the best year. If you're lucky you might find a 300CD, which is the coupe version of the 123 body style. If you're interested in more information on exactly what to look for in these cars, take a look in the "Diesel Discussion" group.

Beware, though - once the diesel gets in your blood, it takes root and it'll never go away

- Nathan
'83 240D "Steiner"
'00 New Beetle TDI
As much as I would like a diesel engine, my dad doesn't like them cause they are too noisy and some places don't have diesel
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