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Thank you for your advice and your insight.

I am the second owner of my car. The previous owner was on old man who let the car sit for two months before even trying to sell it. One time it shows in the maintainance log that it went without an oil change for almost 16 000 kms!!!

I'm using Castrol GTX 10W40 that has always been the brand of choice at my dealer (the same dealer the car was originaly sold at)

I've now owned the car for 10 months and have been more than pleased. I'm tickled with it!!!!

I've bled the brakes, flushed the coolant, transmission fluid and have been changing the oil in the 4-5000km interval.

This car idles silently know with the new serpentine belt.

Any other areas you recommend Larry? What about rear end links or bushings? (car is all original with the exception of the tires, serpentine belt and brakes) I also dissembled the intake plenum and throttle body and cleaned it out since it was covered in oil sludge and carbon. PCV hose/breather element was clean and no oil or sludge in the air cleaner element tray so that was a relief!!! I doubt the motor has any sludge buildup in the bottom end, top end looks and smells fresh (aaaahhh)

Thank you again for your knowledge Larry!


Mike McKinney
190E 2.6 - 244 000 km
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