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Need some answers on SL, may be urgent.

I just put my '90 500SL on the road and realized what a pleasure it is to drive. But, I have some questions I hope you guys can help with.

1. My temp guage runs a little above the middle (about 105 deg)normally, and a little higher if driven hard. Is this normal for this car?

2. The header bolts for the top will not latch automatically, only with the tool, is there an adjustment for them or just weakened motors?

3. I'm thinking about using synthetic transmission fluid. What's the mercedes reccomended fluid?

4. Finally, after the car sits for a few days, when it's first started, I hear a loud pump noise with heavy smoke out of the exhaust. It goes away when the car is restarted, (pollution pump?).

Thanks in advance, Eli.
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