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IMHO I would get the one that is in the best shape that you can afford. Not necessarily the newest. I would buy a 86 one owner with 120,000 miles on it before I would buy an 88 with 190,000. Proper service is important. Check the major systems. Transmission shifiting, AC blowing cold on all fan speeds. Paint and interior condition, sunroof operation. There are a lot of them out there. Try and take your time to find the best one of the bunch. Other than a change in headlights, I can think of very few differences between an 85-88or89( I may be wrong there). I have loved every minute of driving with my 86, I picked it over an 87 because it had been taking care of better, plus it had ALL of the service records with it. Patience will find you the right car. Good luck!
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