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Yal,(and everyone else

Thanks for the advice on what to check next. Man this forum is a goldmine for info. I think I will go ahead and change the OVP, when I got the car the fuse was blown and the car would hardly start at all when cold. Cheap insurance to replace now, I think. What doesn't the OVP affect, it seems like it has a hand in everything. One other ? , what is on the far left in the same area as the OVP and KLIMA, and fuel pump relay, I am talking about the thing that has a heat guard(?) in front of it. I opened my hood the other night in the dark, and I saw what looked like a glowing spring, it was putting of quite a bit of heat when the car was running, as soon as I turned the car off, it stopped glowing. Is this some sort of voltage regulator or what? Sorry to get off the thread topic But I am wondering what in the heck this thing is.
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