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Dicey problem. Iím not an attorney. The problem is that if the car has gone through a couple of owners, the title could have been replaced and no one would be the wiser. However, the dealer should have been able to at least tell if the car was in an accident. If it was fixed so well that they couldnít, it is not a bad repair, after all! If somehow the dealer has mis-represented the vehicle, this is fraud. In fact, if they claim to have run car fax on it, you pretty much have them.

Thatís the good news. The bad news is that unless the dealer is willing to be very accommodating, youíll probably have to get a lawyer to settle anything. If the car is notably depreciated in value, the dealer may owe you the difference. However, it may cost so much in lawyer fees, which arenít always reimbursed, youíll get naught in the end anyway.

So this being said, give the dealer a little time, but require a deadline from them. Unless you want a refund for the car, consider the work done, verses the value of the car. Then negotiate for something. Worse comes to worse, you can always pursue a remedy by use of a lawyer. Otherwise, you might get them to foot the bill for some work and parts. In the end, if you really like the car and itís in good shape, I recommend getting them to give you an equal value in freebies. Provided they will actually do this, of course.

Good luck & keep us posted!!


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