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...good heeled and well thought out advice, Lebenz.

..other choice is to seek the path to return the car and receive your purchase price +/- expenses back (in good faith)

...if negotiations get stuck, your last resort lies within the interpretation of representations within the hard documentation of the sale/ advertising, general and case law governing motor vehicle sales by licensed auto dealers in your state, & consumer advocacy group/channel pressure...maybe consider acquiring an attorneys opinion on possible causes of action, once you've identified choices, consequences, & probable results- - an best informed choice may be made

we know that hindsight is 100%, and that generally- what appears too good to be true, very often is not true. Happens daily, and I try to minimize this occurrence at all costs by ensuring that all significant factors of a business transaction are documented and executed in acknowledgement & agreement by both parties.

hope all turns out the best
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