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Auxilliary Fan Blade

1993 300E 2.8 ltr.

I rear ended a van when the driver pulled up thinking he had the green light and stopped short when he realized that it was green for left turn only ... I ended up with a broken grill and my hood popped up (not open, but up about an inch). It did not bend anywhere. I changed the screen. There was a new noise coming from one of the two auxiliary fans in front of the radiator.

As unwise at it may sound, I was using a screw driver to press different parts of the fan assembly to see where the noise was coming from and as you may have guessed, the screw driver slipped into one of the running fans and broke two of the blades. Now whenever the auxiliary fan comes on, the whole car shakes and I need to replace it.

Do I need to replace the whole Auxiliary fan assembly ($119) or can I replace the fan blade only ($37) ... how easy is it to replace? ... please send me any hints and suggestions.

BTW, my hood is still up about 1/4 of an inch ... I realized that the hood assembly that locks to the latch in front of the engine is broken ... it's a square piece of metal that has a ledge to it that gets under the latch and holds the hood down ... I need to change that too ... is there a name for this part ???

I have to tell you, since that accident, I am taking my time pulling up when the light is green ... Thanks in advance ... I really appreciate the help.
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