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Hi Jason,

I thought I might throw a little encouragement in your direction. I just 2 weeks ago sold my smoked silver/ parchment 1994 E420. It has 295,000 miles on it and I shed a liitle tear as it pulled out the drive. I bought the car 3-1/2 years ago with 105,000 and the biggest repair was a starter.

I have replaced it with a Black/Grey 1995 E420 with 120,000 mile on it. I have driven it about 3500 miles now in the last three weeks and am beginning to love it almost as much (the seat doesn't quite fit my a** yet.

These are absolutely wonderful automobiles and I cannot say enough good about them. Just make sure the car you buy has been regularly and properly maitained.

Some talk about the tall gears in the car as a negative. I don't have much occasion to drag race from a standing start but I have lots of chances to finally get a little daylight to get around the the guy going 55 in the fast lane. There is something to be said for the car dropping to 2nd at 60mph and staying there through 85mph. It has incredible acceleration in the range that I need it.

Good Luck,

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