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Mystery wire update

Today when I attempted to lock my care via the remote it wouldn't work. However, when I used the switch in the car it did work. I decided to check the wire stuck into #6 fuse slot and sure enough it was not making a good connection. I stuck the wire back into #6 and the remote door locks started working again. It looks like you were on the right track with respect to the after market alarm system except I don't think its a after market system. I noticed that the fuse for the original equipment alarm system is supposed to be plugged into slot #11 in the fuse box in the trunk. Fuse #11 is missing in my car. Since I think that the remote locking system is standard (that may not be correct though)equipment I'm assuming that the previous owner had some problelm with it and jury rigged this solution. I'm concerned because if there was a problem and he 'solved' it by bypassing the fuse box somehow without fixing the real problem, isn't that somewhat risky because not there is no fuse to blow if something short out or whatever? Thanks Bob H
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