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Question Diesel equivalent of “vapor lock” ?

Excuse my ignorance here, I’m still learning about the idiosyncrasies of diesels.

What would cause a diesel engine (1984 300D, ~200,000 miles) to be significantly harder to start when warm than when it is cool? It takes a good 5-8 seconds of cranking to get it fired up well enough to keep running when it is hot. (It takes only about 2-3 seconds of cranking in the morning.)

Compression is good, injectors are *new*, IP timing is O.K. I have seen some mention of ‘delivery valve’ seals, and this seems like it may be applicable to this situation – however, I can’t find anything on the service CD about the replacement of those seals. Could someone please point me in the right direction? Or am I even barking up the right tree?

Much Appreciated

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