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Things are not all bad with that model. Again depending on your ability the earlier 3 litre six cylinder block does not have any bending rod problems and is pretty much a drop in. Plus the head on the 3 1/2 litre drops right on the earlier block and should be a later casting. So if you are resourceful enough to locate an earlier engine in good condition cheap or one that has gone to the salvage yard with a bad head you might luck in if you kept it in reserve. If you own that perhaps the 3.5 will not go bad. The real problem is to get an otherwise good 3.5 car cheap enough to be worth the potential hassel. I suspect the ride is worth it. As stated in earlier post so much depends on judgement/skill/aptitude etc. At a low enough price if that 3.5 is in pretty good condition and the owner has kept it up the overall situation might not be bad. A lot just depends.
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