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removing 4matic system

Hello all, and apologies in advance for the long post.

I have a 91 300e 4matic, and the 4wd system has started to leak even more rapidly. Beyond what I accept to live with. So I think I have at least 3 choices..

1 - Fix the system, but this repair (23000 FRF just for parts).is essentially half the value of the car, so I'm not keen to do that, and I would still crave stiffer springs & shocks

2- Just remove it and spend the money on things I would really like, (sport suspension, paxton blower, etc), getting the AC sorted (it leaks slowly too)

Does anyone know if there any major hang ups in just removing the 4wd system from the car? Would I need to change the whole transmission?

I assume I'll need new prop shaft, maybe new front hubs, definitely new springs and dampers all around. and a new front antiroll bar.

3- option is just take the extra depreciation of trading in a leaky car and upgrade to a better version...

I'd like to hear some input on option 2, as it means I get to wrench on the car for fun.


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