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They want to make me "happy". I go there yesterday and they offer me $14k for my car. I just paid over $20k for it. It took everything I had not to hit the manager. I calmly said "You wanted to "make me happy" and now you insult me! 15 cents a mile I could see but almost $7k for 11,500 miles. Then my "representative" showed up and the tune changed. He does not have the authorization to "make me happy". So why am I talking to you I ask? The GM is gonna call me today.

My "rights" pertaining to vehicle title history and odemeter reading misinformation are as follows:Treble damages,$1500 statutory damages, punitive damages and attorney fees. they can also be sued by their warranty insurance company for mistating my vehicle to them(who paid over $6k in warranty work).

What I am seeking and they better agree or next step is court: My purchase price in full towards another used car at cost. I think this is more than fair considering if this does hit the news, everyone and their dog will be checking their VIN#'s. Will keep ya posted and run those carfaxes.
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