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Well said JimSmith. I have had a good experience with mine too and I am very happy with it. The trick is to not get a car that is rare even in Europe , I mean come on! As you said it is amazing how many parts on these cars are available here. I would say at least 98% of mine is. The 2% I can always obtain from a supplier. If someone is trying to get a car like a CDI, that has only set foot in the USA as a platform model at the Detriot motor show, or an AMG Hammer or something, then they deserve to be hassled, sorry.

It is more work if you intend to get a grey mkt. The newer the car the less advantage you are getting over a US buyer. Take all the advice you have heard above into consideration. Just be smart, and be aware. Come to think of it isn't this how you should be anyway when you go and buy a car?
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