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Here is some more information, that most likely rules out the ignition clutch.
When the car fails to start, there is current going to the spark plugs, meaning the
rotor is turning.

Also accidently, I found out that if I depress the gas pedal all the way and then
crank the engine, it starts right away. So far this technique has worked all
the time (atleast 10 times).

Also right before the car is going to stop, if I press the gas pedal, only the
indicator that shows fuel economy on the dash moves, but the rpm does not
change. After it stops, as usual, if I keep cranking without depressing the gas pedal
the car does not come on. As soon as I press the gas pedal, has to be all the way in,
the car comes on right away.

Have not tried to replace the OVP yet.

Any clues ?

Thanks in advance.

Saumil S. Patel
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