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a/c conversion

Ok- here's my question (hopefully directed to Benzmac) On my 1988 300sel a/c, I purchased the ICE Cube from the local dealer (0015420219) and made 4 jumper wires. Those I connected as followed: #1 klima to 85; #5 klima to 30; #7 klima to 87; and #10 klima to 86.(I removed the klima relay) I get nothing-compressor doesn't move. Now I noticed on the original klima(via ohm meter) that 31 is continuous to Gk-. So when I pull to klima relay, no longer is there continuity between socket #1 and #11(31 and Gk- on relay). Should I be running a wire from #1 socket and #11 to get this continuity. I also assume #87a on the ice cube is now used. Help! thanx Nick

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