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Oil is Cheap

Brother of the Benz, gebhard
My W124030 with 179,500 miles is still on the original transmission and it is as smooth as when new with no leaks.
Here is what has worked for me; I'm and early topsider and that's between 3500-4500 miles.
In addition to the engine oil, I suck 3 1/2 qts of fluid from the transmission, and change the fluid in the power steering pump.
I have only changed the filter in the transmission at 35,000 miles.
The transmission and the steering pump get a fresh drink of fluid when the engine oil is changed.
This wierdo way has worked for my 300E.
Possibly if you would have done your service schedule as noted in your owners manual you wouldn't have to make the decision over rebuild or buy a rebuilt, what's the difference?
You should that your beloved to the Doctor quickly before further damage happens and it will if you don't.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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