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Yes there is a lock and unlock wire coming from the brain of your alarm. The wires are spliced into the vacuum pump - the wire that is cut is the one leading from switch (door lock) to pump. If one function is not working (lock or unlock) then you may have faulty wiring at that wire only. You may want to find the pump and see which two wires has been spliced into. If you get the right wire, when you disconnect one, either the lock or unlock will not work with the remote.

When you find it, please let me know the color of the wire and in which plug it's located on. Thanks for trying to find a diagram for me, you're the best! Let me know how you make out.


Thanks for your post also. I've a question, does the pump in the trunk have the same wire colors / harness shapes as the W124 write up for the kit you guys used to sell? If so, then perhaps once I can locate the pump I can just follow the directions from there. All I need is the wire location / color to make the following connections:

A) Constant Power
B) Ground
C) Wire from switch to pump
D) Switched power (optional)

Actually, on second thought, the battery is in the trunk already so A and B I already can find. So I guess I just need the info for C. Hey, I'm getting closer....

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