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When baking a cake it is always best to know what you are doing. just following a recipe doesn't make prize winning cakes.

Donnie described functionally what is necessary, jba007 found the exact recipe (I hope as I too do not have it in front of me).

In the recipe, term 10 is hooked to 86 on the relay (it is performng the "term 15" function), term 5 is hooked to 30 on the relay (term 30 is the current carrying leg). In Donnie's generic example he is powering both these functions with one lead. That is the only difference.

Those 4 or 5 pin relays have a control side and a switching side. In normal applications term 30 and 87 (the in and out) are large current carrying wires. The other legs term 85 and 86 are small low current lines and can have their polarity reversed in some applications. They can work either way.
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