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'86 190E 2.3 (5-speed) / windshield fluid emitters clogged

When I got the 190E in July the windshield washer pump did not work. I replaced the pump and the gunky fluid that was in the reservoir. The new pump works fine, but the emitters seem to be clogged. I tried an in-situ fix with the straight pin and rubbing alcohol trick, which sort of worked, but now they are clogged again. I have taken one of the units out to try soaking it in the isopropyl alcohol (70%).

The emitter assembly has wires that were plugged into a circuit. I don't have the electricals; are these heater wires? Could they be making matters worse re the clogging? In southern Arizona do I even need these wires?

The emitter unit housing is plastic so I cannot use anything too strong such as methyl ethyl ketone to disolve away whatever is inside.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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