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jbaj007: Thanks - I will try the acid route. There is pool acid around because we have a pool.
How many parts pool acid to water? (Always pour acid into water, water might spatter as it can do when poured into a hot skillet. Never pour water into acid.)

JimSmith: Thank you as well. The trick to get an emitter assembly out is to slide it toward the front of the car before lifting up out of the hood. It is easier to do it with the hood all of the way up in the verticle position; then you can get one hand on one side and one hand on the other side. Getting the emitter assembly off of the hose fitting that is the right-angle piece means
holding the right-angle piece in one hand on one side of the hood while holding the emitter assembly with the other hand on the outside of the hood. Of course this means you have already performed the trick of getting the emitter assembly out of the hood. Then just worry them apart pulling in opposite directions with your hands. This will ensure that you do not mar the hood since all that will be near it are your hands and the plastic pieces of the emitter function. The electrical connections come apart fairly easily, then there is a way to slide the positive terminal's electrical connector/insulator passed the tube steel so as to slide the wires out through the emitter cutout in the hood.
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