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Did some maintenance ...

I pulled my ALDA bolt yesterday and found it 80% clogged. I cleaned it up real good with brake cleaner and cleaned out the line and banjo fitting. Noticeable improvement!

I also changed the oil, oil filter and air filter. The records I have show 20w50 being put in this engine (OM617), which I thought was too heavy. I put Delo 400 15w40 in it and immediately noticed a dramatic difference in pickup and power. Cold starts are noticeably smoother (before, it'd "hitch" ever so slightly ... now it just purrs). I must admit that this was the least traumatic oil change I've ever done in my life! I truly admire and appreciate the oil filter design - open the lid, pull out the old filter, put a new one in, then replace the lid. Ingenious! And the same socket that gets that lid loose also fits the drain plug! AMEN!

Next up is some brake work. I'm pulling to the left when braking heavy and the right front pads are worn considerably more than the driver's side, which to me indicates the need for caliper work. Any recommendations; replace or rebuild?

After that, the tranny will be up for service. Has anyone here ever run Auto-RX in the tranny to clean it before servicing?
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