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Well,Diesel Dog,it`s a long story..
engine timing puzzle
The damn pointer refuses to show ATDC,no matter how hard I try(shows 5 degr.BTDC) I`m gonna do the 2mm intake valve lift method to establish how correct the timing is...DannyM wrote a pictorial how to do it,it`s easy...BUT my camshaft is "18",and is not listed in the service manual I I do not know the exact numbers,which vary with the different cams. I found this minutes ago:

page 12- camshaft 18(om615 and 621 share the same cam)And here comes another reasonable question-how relevant are these numbers,when my timing chain is 1 link longer(ex-factory) as compared to the om615 chains Would it affect reading?
Tooo many "if"`s here..I don`t know even whether the damn pointer is accurate The balancer doesn`t seem to slip And it `s almost impossible to establish TDC on PC diesel without pulling the head...So how do you think shoul I trust these om615 numbers? Did the valve job,the engine starts right up(cold and warm),idles smooth,shuts up right...some inj.knock though...
Thanks for the patience and interest...

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