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I'm disappointed to report that apparently the air mass sensor was not the problem. After pulling the #32 fuse then reinstalling it the 'check engine' light did go out and it seemed to run better for a while. Now 60 miles later the light returned and the problem has also returned with a vengence. Same symptoms but worse. Let me elaborate on the problem and perhaps that will help.
The stalling seems to be at it's worse after the car has been warmed up pretty good. Then turned off for a while (5 to 10 minutes) then restarted. Tonight after going into a store, when I came back to the car it started fine and idled fine but when I tried to accelerate there was almost no reaction at all - the car just sat there. Finally I discovered that if I put it in nuetral and pumped the accelerator vigorously the engine would begin to rev and then smooth out and I could limp away. Then once under way it would run fine until I came to a stop and then it was de ja vous all over again. What do you think. Bob H
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