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Dorsey Lay
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Mr. John Plut, I took your advise and followed your instructions regarding taking apart my lights and removing the yellow fog light lens. It was so easy to do with your instructions. I printed them and had them with me while I did the job. I took out the lens very gently, and painted the a highly reflective chrome. It really turned out beautifully!! Even with the original bulbs it is tons brighter! I also put in some clear corners and black flat grill paint. My car has been completely transformed with these three small changes!! I do plan on putting in some H-4 bulbs but I am not sure which ones. I have superwhite headlight bulbs, I don't want to clash with them. Not sure if I should use Ion blue as Mr. Crhenkel suggested or what. I don't want it to look gaudy!! Any advise from you or anyone in this regard would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!
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