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My two cents worth is this... the HID look alike bulbs I put in my 190E work tons better and I like them very much. You can see the blue tint through the glass lenses inthe bay time as the daylight shines in the lenses and the back of the bulbs are chrome which reflects the light through the blue coated bulb making the lenses show some blue on the outside. However, the lenses over the fog lights are plastic and if yours are like everyone elses, they are discolored gray and not transparent like the headlamps. I put the same blue type bulbs inthe fog lamps and they make a great difference, however, the plastic opaque lenses and the discolorationand the quality of the plastic do not allow the blue to be seen much at all. This is fine, but it prevents the blue to be seen as gauwdy. Also the blue that is seen int he head lamps is is not at all like the lowrider pick up truck scene where they have green and purple illegal bulbs. Thay just look slightly like the HID onthe new expensive cars.
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