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I have no doubts

I have no doubt that I could not diagnose a car as you do..which is why I humbly asked for your opinion ...I deal with high performance motorcycles..not mercedes..most motorcycle mechanics or techs.. if you will ..would not have the experience or knowledge to aid in my dilemna ..which is why I didn't post my question on a motorcycle board..I am intelligent enough to know that you seek help & advice from those who would be best qualified to do so.. I don't think that you answer is arrogant.. it was frank and honest...nothing wrong with that.. And I do value the time and experience of those who work in the auto service industry...and have taken the time to learn their craft...

I am seeking a way to save my self & family money and aggrivation from mis- diagnosis or being taken advantage of by less than honorable shops..if that's possible.. but I do in fact appreciate the time you have spent simply replying to my obviously non informed questions... honestly...

I wouldn't be here asking if I didn't need to be...
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