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Sorry for the late reply everybody, but I was out of town for a week, and I didn't take the Benz. Anyhow, I appreciate all of the good advice. I did use all of the filter wrench suggestions, to no avail. I thought for sure I would get it with the strap wrench and a huge break bar that I purchased, but it would just not move. My "gearhead" neighbor even tried to help out but he was stumped as well.

The screwdriver method is curious, but the last thing I want is a busted filter, that still won't budge, and then needing to tow the car just to have the filter changed.

So, the filter looks pretty beat up but still works. I put fresh oil in the engine and will happily let it become the dealer's problem, when I can get an appointment!!!

Again, I really appreciate all of the sound advice.

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